Can Braces Fix My Speech?

Do you suffer from a lisp or whistling when pronouncing certain sounds? Along with your speech impairment, is your bite off? Orthodontic treatment could be the solution for clear speech, straight teeth, and an overall healthy smile.

There are multiple types of bite issues that can cause speech impediments.

  • When the upper front teeth are horizontally too far out from the lower teeth.
  • Open Bite. This is when the upper teeth do not overlap the lower teeth and do not fit together when the mouth is closed. It is caused by thumb sucking, tongue thrust or other habits in early childhood. This can easily affect speech and proper oral hygiene.
  • This is where there is too much space between teeth, which make it difficult to say certain words.
  • Some of the upper teeth may bite inside of the lower teeth. If there is not enough room for the tongue, speech can be affected.

These concerns can all be treated through orthodontic treatment. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of traditional metal brackets, there are a few different options. Dr. Gina Lee offers ceramic ‘Clear’ braces, lingual braces that are behind the teeth, as well as clear removable aligners.

If you’d like to find out how we can correct your speech problem, call Dr. Gina Lee and the Brier Creek/ North Durham Orthodontics team to schedule a complimentary consultation today!

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