Your First Orthodontic Visit: What to Expect

Your First Orthodontic Visit: What to Expect

Your First Visit to Brier Creek Orthodontics: What to Expect Even as young as 7, children are usually ready for their first visit to an orthodontist – even to just assess their oral health and check for potential problems that are much easier to fix when caught early. Whether your child is preparing for their […]

How Much Do Adult Braces Cost

How Much Do Braces For Adults Cost?

This is by far the most common question that orthodontists receive and an important one that all patients want to know. It falls along the lines of “how much is a purse?” or “how much will it be to fix my car?” There are many factors to consider when it comes to the price of […]


Can Braces Fix My Speech?

Do you suffer from a lisp or whistling when pronouncing certain sounds? Along with your speech impairment, is your bite off? Orthodontic treatment could be the solution for clear speech, straight teeth, and an overall healthy smile. There are multiple types of bite issues that can cause speech impediments. When the upper front teeth are […]

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BABY TEETH: Ahead of the game or overstaying their welcome?

When Dr. Gina Lee’s patients come in for their complimentary smile exam, many have concerns about their baby teeth. Are they coming out too soon? Will they ever fall out? While it can be a waiting game for all of the baby teeth to make a break for it, those teeth are designed to come […]


Dr. Gina Lee’s Helpful Hacks: Retainers – Keeping You in Line

For those who have just completed their Orthodontic treatment, This definitely calls for celebration and to show off that beautiful new smile. Did you know that if not properly cared for, your teeth can shift and move out of alignment? That means all of the hard work put in over the number of months can […]

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Dr. Gina Lee’s Helpful Hacks: Don’t Let an Orthodontic Emergency Ruin Your Holiday Spirit!

It is very easy to come in the office for simple emergencies with braces, but what do you do if it is over the holidays when the office is closed or if you are traveling? Have no fear…Dr. Lee’s Helpful Hacks is here to help you through your orthodontic emergency and keep your spirits high […]

Happy Thanksgiving from Brier Creek Orthodontics

Dr. Gina Lee’s Helpful Hacks: Reasons to be THANKFUL for a healthy and straight smile!

There are many benefits to having a great smile. You will see that your overall health is often a result of how well you take care of your teeth and gums. Your confidence, wallet and communication are also affected by a great smile. Clear Speech Many times the cause of speech issues and impediments are […]


Dr. Lee’s Helpful Hacks : Surviving Halloween with Braces

Halloween is a perfect holiday to get together with friends, dress up as a crazy character, and indulge in FREE candy! While most kids never second guess diving into their buckets of candy, those with braces must be extra cautious of the tricky, sticky candy! Those with braces should avoid any kind of candy that […]

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