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Dr. Gina Lee’s Helpful Hacks: Don’t Let an Orthodontic Emergency Ruin Your Holiday Spirit!

It is very easy to come in the office for simple emergencies with braces, but what do you do if it is over the holidays when the office is closed or if you are traveling? Have no fear…Dr. Lee’s Helpful Hacks is here to help you through your orthodontic emergency and keep your spirits high […]

Happy Thanksgiving from Brier Creek Orthodontics

Dr. Gina Lee’s Helpful Hacks: Reasons to be THANKFUL for a healthy and straight smile!

There are many benefits to having a great smile. You will see that your overall health is often a result of how well you take care of your teeth and gums. Your confidence, wallet and communication are also affected by a great smile. Clear Speech Many times the cause of speech issues and impediments are […]


Dr. Lee’s Helpful Hacks : Surviving Halloween with Braces

Halloween is a perfect holiday to get together with friends, dress up as a crazy character, and indulge in FREE candy! While most kids never second guess diving into their buckets of candy, those with braces must be extra cautious of the tricky, sticky candy! Those with braces should avoid any kind of candy that […]

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