Dr. Gina Lee’s Helpful Hacks: Reasons to be THANKFUL for a healthy and straight smile!

There are many benefits to having a great smile. You will see that your overall health is often a result of how well you take care of your teeth and gums. Your confidence, wallet and communication are also affected by a great smile.

Happy Thanksgiving from Brier Creek Orthodontics

Clear Speech

Many times the cause of speech issues and impediments are misaligned teeth. Simple teeth movement can improve your speech which affects self-confidence, work and school performance, as well as overall appearance.

Saving Money on Dental Care

Straight teeth paired with healthy gums are easy paths to saving money. Uneven gums are more difficult to clean and care for, making it easy for bacteria to cause gum issues and even gum disease. This in itself is no cheap venture.

Overall Health

ADA studies have shown that the bacteria that creates oral infections, can also lead to periodontal disease, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and pneumonia. Oral hygiene is a link to how healthy your body will be!


It is no surprise that a straight smile is a link to a more confident person. Interview, presentation, and everyday interaction quality increases. People who are confident in their smiles are often confident in their lives.

**Is your crooked smile taking a toll on your everyday life? Give Dr. Gina Lee a call today to start your journey to the perfect smile!**

What else are you thankful for this year? Leave us a comment below!

Happy Thanksgiving from Brier Creek Orthodontics

From Dr. Gina Lee and all of her staff at Brier Creek & North Durham Orthodontics, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to check back next month for the latest in Dr. Gina Lee’s Helpful Hacks!

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