Dr. Gina Lee’s Helpful Hacks: Retainers – Keeping You in Line

For those who have just completed their Orthodontic treatment,

This definitely calls for celebration and to show off that beautiful new smile.

Did you know that if not properly cared for, your teeth can shift and move out of alignment? That means all of the hard work put in over the number of months can change! But have no fear, RETAINERS ARE HERE!


Dr. Lee provides each patient with a set of retainers that are designed to retain your teeth’s perfect alignment. For the first few months after treatment, you will need to wear them all the time. (Except when eating or brushing your teeth!) Then you may be able to wear them only at night.

Question: How long will I have to wear my retainer?

Answer: As long as you would like your teeth to remain straight.

If you do happen to lose or break your retainer, do not panic! Dr. Lee can replace that for you. Give our office a call as soon as you notice the retainer is lost or damaged to eliminate the risk of your teeth moving!

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