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  1. My best “dad memories” are when he would get us ready for school in the mornings and play Rick Astley really loudly and dance in the kitchen in his hunter green terrycloth bathrobe and slippers. I can still picture him singing and dancing to Never Gonna Give You Up almost every day. My dad is my best friend to this day and I talk to him on the phone daily, sometimes even twice a day. When I got married, I made sure to have a custom choreographed dance for our Father/Daughter dance to Rick Astley, Never Gonna Give You Up!

  2. The best memory I have of my dad is the stories he used to tell us. Folk tales of Argentina. Many were scary tales and he used to tell them at night. We loved hearing them but at the end, we all wanted to sleep together so as not to be afraid.
    Another very popular tale was a poem that tells the story of a drunk man speaking to his own echo (the poem is called “El Borracho y el Eco”. The story is very rich in literature and at the same time very funny. This story became so famous in the family that today there are several versions turning around since it has never been written and was always transmitted orally. Now with my brothers we are thinking that we should write it so we can share it with our children and then grandchildren.

  3. My favorite dad memory is when my dad would always come to cheer me up and support me at my ballet and music concerts. I’ve been taking ballet classes since I was 3, and I remember how my dad would always bring a cup of coffee and watch me rehearse in the studio. He was my #1 supporter, and I’m still so thankful to have him watch and guide me through anything I learn. Last year, before he got a major surgery, he even gave me a ride to school, and gave me a fist bump, which is our “signature move”. After all these years, I’m still so thankful to have such a supportive father, and I will continue to cherish those memories to share with my children in the future.

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